Become A Do617 Influencer

Who are the Do617 INFLUENCERS?

Our Influencers are the lifeblood for all the cool stuff happening around the city. They're the local media: bloggers, promoters, artists...etc. Essentially, they're the DO-ers in Boston who go the extra mile to advance our city's cultural landscape. Since they're so tapped into the local goings-on, we give them an extra voice on Do617 to help people find awesome stuff to do. Check out all of our Influencers here.

For more information on the Influencer program, please reach out to [email protected]


Two audiences are better than one - so let's team up to promote each other's content. By regularly curating your list of recommended shows and events on Do617, you help us make our event listings as relevant and accurate as possible. In exchange, we help you by featuring you (and your content) on our social media and emails. We'll spread the word whenever you come out with a new article/song/mix/event - and we'll also build you a custom profile on Do617 and link to it from our home page and search window.

Influencers are also the first to know about exclusive RSVPs, giveaways and party invites. They get early access to Do617 events and invites to Influencer-only happy hours and events. It's pretty sweet.

What do I have to do to become an INFLUENCER?

Email Clay ([email protected]) to get started - and then we'll build you a custom profile on Do617 to highlight your brand, site, social handles, and all of your event picks. Log in every week (or more!) to pick your favorite events in and around the Boston area (concerts, happy hours, dance parties, art exhibits - anything!) and we'll blast them out to our users. Can't find an event you're looking for on Do617? Let us know and we'll add it right away. We'll also link to your picks from our home page, search window, and on our Influencers page.

Let us know when you have new content that you'd like to promote and we'll blast it out to our channels. Tell us when you're throwing an event and we'll make sure the city is aware.

Since being an Influencer requires updating your show picks every week, please only sign up for the program if you're able to keep up with it. Making your picks only takes 15 minutes per week and you can do it from the go - but it's important to do so that your profile is always worth showcasing to our users.

Please reach out if you have any questions - and let's help each other do awesome stuff!

♥ Do617.

Questions? [email protected]